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Inquiry-Based Learning

Reflections on the Value of Child's Play

According to author Annie Murphy Paul ("Origins"), growing up in the digital age means that many of today's children are spending too little time tinkering.  "Research in the science of learning shows that hands-on building projects help young people conceptualize ideas and understand issues in greater

New Charter School Teaches Young Kids to Wonder

York Regional Academy Regional Charter School is a breeding ground for future science fair competitors.  Currently serving grades K-2, the school has plans to grow to serve students through grade 12.  Following an International Baccalaureate program, the school is inquiry-based, with the students guiding instruction.
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Using Inquiry-Based Teaching to Improve Science Education

Lori Smolleck, assistant professor of education, at Bucknell University, emphasizes the use of inquiry-based teaching to promote critical thinking in science education. "Teaching science as inquiry encourages students to ask their own questions and find their own answers based on evidence," she says.

Reversing the Swing from Science

We knew it all along: Engaging teaching methods can make a difference for students!  A new report written by Cary Sneider of Portland State University, titled "Reversing the Swing from Science:  Implications from a Century of Research," looks at a wide variety of research for insights into how to build and maintain interest in STEM among students.

MIT BLOSSOMS Enhances STEM Learning

In a time when crowded classrooms, diminishing funding, and testing mandates seem to stack the deck against teacher innovation, MIT has stepped in with BLOSSOMS (a cheerful acronym for Blended Learning Science or Math Studies) video lessons to breathe new life into science teaching.  With a video library of more than 50 lessons -- all of them freely available to teachers -- BLOSSOMS brings the presence of a “guest lecturer” into the classroom to supplement the classroom teacher’s lesson.  The 50-minute

Getting Kids Out of the Box

  A webinar by teacher Jill Hammonds provides strategies for "deliberate acts of teaching" that help challenge students to develop the ability to think things through. Show original

The Density Dunk: Using Inquiry & Problem-Based Learning to Teach the Density Concept

Many students do not develop a strong conceptual sense of density, despite being able to perform density calculations.  Active and cooperative learning can help bring the concept to life. Show original

Inquiry Learning: Powerful Practice

A chemistry and biology teacher gives a snapshot of what her inquiry-based classrooms look like as a new school year gets rolling. Show original

Challenge: Create an Ocean-Friendly Fishing Video Game


In this science project, you will design and create a fishing video game that teaches the player about which fish are plentiful enough to catch and which fish are not because their population is declining. Give it a whirl!
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