The Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair (MSSEF) is committed to developing future thought leaders through experiences in science and engineering practices using well-proven programs and novel approaches that empower students and educators to learn in and beyond the classroom. We see a future where every student is empowered through learning in science and engineering practices.


MA science fair student from Boston wins top award at the International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF)! 

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The '11-'12 Shell Science Lab Challenge Is On!

More than $93,000 is up for grabs by creative, industrious science teachers (grades 6-12) who best describe their innovative use of the limited lab resources that they've had available to them in the classroom.  Entries are due October 21.
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Possibility of More AP Exams in STEM Subjects

Within the next half-dozen years or so, students with proficiencies in subjects like engineering, energy, environment, and anatomy might have greater opportunities to strut their stuff for potential colleges: The College Board is considering whether to offer new AP exams in STEM subjects.
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Army's Chemical Biological Center Introduces STEM to Students

The Army believes that tomorrow's jobs will demand STEM proficiency from today students.  the U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center in Maryland exposed 400 middle and high school students to a day of exploring STEM careers.
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Cheese Dream Project Wins Fair

Ever wondered what the effect of cheese might be on your dreams?  Rebekah Anderson did, and created a winning science fair project investigating that question.
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Classes and Scores Soar With Incentives for A.P. Tests

Worcester, Massachusetts high school math teacher Joe Nystrom receives kudos in The New York Times for taking an innovative approach to boosting AP course participation.
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Making STEM Education “Cool”

The challenge of engaging students in STEM education took center stage at the National Press Club last week, where a diverse panel discussed the key issues and possible solutions.
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Bing's Stefan Weitz Talks Science and Technology

With an unbridled fascination for all things science, Stefan Weitz, a senior director with Microsoft's Bing, makes geekdom cool.  He's one of Microsoft's "Heroes of STEMtember."
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STEM at the Center of Global Scramble for Power

Science, technology, and innovation all play starring roles in the competition between countries for power in the new "knowledge economy."  Growth demands renewed focus on the area where education and the economy meet.
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Survey Shows STEM Engagement Begins in the Early Years

According to a new survey by Microsoft, the decision by students to pursue a STEM-related degree often happens in middle school or even earlier.
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Canada's POV on What It Will Take to Improve Education in the US

According to Dr. Ben Levin, "The U.S. cannot improve its education system for all or even most children by keeping its present focus on charter schools, more testing, teacher evaluation and union bashing. None of these feature in the best-performing countries."
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