photo 2_zpsd24512a7.jpg The Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair (MSSEF) is committed to developing future thought leaders through experiences in science and engineering practices using well-proven programs and novel approaches that empower students and educators to learn in and beyond the classroom. We see a future where every student is empowered through learning in science and engineering practices.

Boston Herald Series on Standout Boston Schools Reveals Secrets to Success

Today, the Boston Herald launches a five-part series on Boston public schools that exemplify education that works.

NASA Aims to Inspire Middle School Girls to Pursue STEM Fields

NASA's new Aspire 2 Inspire section of its Women@NASA website targets young women with a campaign to inform and inspire them about careers

Stats Suggest More and More Women Earning Science Degrees

The National Center for Education Statistics says that the number of science degrees awarded to women has been rising, slowly but surely.  From 2003 to 2009, undergrad degrees in physical science earned by women increased 22.1%, while doctoral physical science degrees awarded to women rose nearly 54% over the same time period.

Great Resource: Science360 Radio

Science360 Radio features continuous audio programming from contributors including NSF, Scientific American, Discovery, Nature, NPR, AAAS, and many more.  Get the app for iPhone or Android or listen on your computer.

MathMovesU Engages Mass. Girl Scouts in Science Projects

The Girl Scouts of Massachusetts partnered with Raytheon over the weekend to engage 300 middle school students in math and science through interactive learning programs.

Shortage of Workers with Technical Skills Hits Home

Massachusetts businesses that rely on workers with specific technical skills are finding that potential employees are in short supply. A lack of machinists, for example, and a dearth of mechanical engineers, are making it difficult for manufacturers to staff up.


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