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Children Represent Long Neglected Link to Artificial Intelligence


Long thought to be the father of Artificial Intelligence, Alan Turing is the subject of the brand new blockbuster “The Imitation Game”. But that doesn’t mean that his ideas are tucked neatly into history. According to the Huffington Post article “What Babies Can Tell Us About Artificial Intelligence,” Turing’s findings that children play an important role in the quality of Artificial Intelligence has influenced thought leaders in this area. A group that works under the title “Ideas Lab” is made up of four academics from the University of California at Berkeley. Although each works in an entirely different field, they all agree on one thing; when struggling to discover ways to improve artificial intelligence, scientists and technologists can learn a lot from babies. Young children are not only masters at identifying statistical patterns in miniscule amounts of time, they’re also surprisingly good at analyzing what type of information they’re getting. Alison Gopnik of the Huffington Post writes that they “even use very subtle cues to tell whether a grown-up is just saying what they think, or is intentionally trying to be instructive.” Although he has long been recognized as a historical figure, Alan Turing’s findings keep informing the technological community. Yes, young people are the future, but they can do a number on the present, too.


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